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First aid courses providing life-saving skills for farming families

Vicki Revett’s first aid courses are providing life-saving skills for farming families in rural Queensland
Vicki Revett’s first aid courses are providing life-saving skills for farming families in rural Queensland

Member Profile: Vicki Revett Bringing aid to those on the land

Vicki Revett grew up on a cattle station south-west of Alpha and saw first-hand the impact injury and illness can take on those who work on the land.

Her parents have been AgForce members since she can remember, and from a young age she heard them refer to AgForce as an organisation that cares for and represents rural Queensland.

Vicki’s married now and has a daughter of her own. As a mum, she felt it was time to become an AgForce member herself so that she can ensure her daughter grows up with a decent knowledge of what her mum and dad do working on the land.

But she also wanted to make sure she and her husband were around to see their daughter grow up. “We live and work in one of the most high-risk industries going around,” Vicki said.

“Yet I don’t recall ever seeing any family or friends do a first aid course.

“That’s why I decided to take my training as a registered nurse, and my passion for education, and bring them together to start Impulse Training.

“It was something I’d been thinking about for a long time, and now I’m able to provide quality first aid training across the rural industry.

“I still can’t believe agriculture is an industry where doing a first aid course isn’t mandatory.”

Vicki is the Nurse Unit Manager at the Alpha Hospital and has more than 10 years’ experience in Emergency Nursing, Rural & Remote Nursing, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, Critical Care & Paediatric Care, and Nursing Management and Education.

But the real driving factor behind her starting her own business was when she found herself the sole responder for the hospital-based ambulance service at Alpha.

“I think it was the combination of my passion and personal and professional experience that made me want to make things better or easier for others,” Vicki said.

“What I saw as a sole-responder inspired me to seek change and greater equity for rural and remote Queenslanders.

“There is all too often this missing link between an accident happening and what a first aid provider can do on the scene while they wait for the healthcare provider to arrive.”

“Rural Queensland is just so vast, and many accidents are time-critical, so knowing what to do in an emergency is vital.

“You hear of so many tragic stories of families losing loved ones to accidents like drownings or snake bites or allergic reactions – again time-critical incidents where help can be a long way away when you need it most.

“Anyone that does a first aid course becomes a crucial link in making a potential difference to an employee, a college, a mate, or even a loved one.”

To book a training course or to view Vicki’s purpose-made first aid kit – the MediSwag – visit

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