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Road and rail infrastructure

  • Australia faces a major maintenance deficit for road and rail infrastructure.
  • Maintenance spending is low. In 2013, Australia spent only 15% of transport infrastructure funds on maintenance compared to 25% a decade ago.
  • Rail inefficiencies rate higher in Australia than overseas – the cost of moving 1kg of grain by rail is 5 times higher in Australia than Canada.
  • Our own #connectqld survey identified 85 roads in regional Queensland as being in poor condition.
Source: Grattan Insitute, Infrastructure Australia via NFF’s Agricultural Transport Infrastructure: A Discussion Paper

What's the issue?

A lack of maintenance for existing roads and rail systems has left them falling into disrepair. Rail services are frequently cancelled and some roads are so bad they are regularly avoided, even when they are the shortest route.

Why does it matter?

Because freight can amount to as much as 40% of a farmers’ costs, poorly maintained infrastructure leads to huge losses in productivity and other flow-on costs like increased vehicle maintenance costs. There are also negative impacts for community connectivity and risks to individual safety.

What's the solution?

A Fixing Queensland Country Rail program that prioritises and invests in country rail networks is needed, as well as partnerships between industry and government to target investment in key strategic regional road networks.

"We’re trying to produce the highest quality, MSA graded premium beef here for the domestic market, but the transport network from here to Brisbane is absolutely horrid."
Gaybrielle Downs, Glenmorgan

Here's how it can be

Smart investment in infrastructure

Governments and industry have worked together to identify and invest in key freight issues in all areas of the state, not just south-east Queensland.​

Improved safety and connectivity

Services to regional communities are no longer slowed or cut off due to poor infrastructure. The roads are safer for regional families, and transport costs to business are reduced.

Will you stand with regional Queensland?

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