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Stand With Regional Queensland at National Ag Day

Scenes from National Ag Day 2019 in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall

With less than twelve months to go to the Queensland General Election of 2020, AgForce’s campaign to reinforce the importance of regional communities to people from the city is well underway.

High-profile advertising provided a visible focus during the initial stages of the campaign, including ads on prime-time television, and full-page pads and an open letter from AgForce General President Georgie Somerset in the
Courier Mail.

Those measures had the desired effect – they got people talking and highlighted issues faced by people in regional Queensland that many living in urban areas didn’t even know existed.

However, now that we have people’s attention, it’s important we keep it, all the way through 2020.

To that end, some of the key areas the Stand With Regional Queensland campaign is focusing on include:

  • stabilising policy and reducing the regulatory burden on farming communities by gaining a ‘seat at the table’ so that we can do what we do best and influence the policies that all political parties take to the next election
  • ensuring the interests of regional and rural Queenslanders have equal standing with those of the south-east corner
  • engendering mutual understanding and respect between regional Queenslanders and those living in cities
  • creating amongst urban dwellers a better understanding of the value of agriculture to their daily lives
  • maintaining a presence at urban events including EKKA, food markets, and other relevant metropolitan
  • attracting support for the campaign from other industry sectors and organisations to create a unified network of support for regional Queensland

Our efforts to engage people from the city soared to new heights recently when we held our 2019 National Ag Day event in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall and brought the bush to the city.

We asked shoppers and city workers taking their lunch break: “Will you Stand With Regional Queensland?” while offering opportunities to:

  • learn more about agriculture during our ‘Ask A Farmer Anything’ Q&A session
  • experience what life on the land is like via the magic of virtual reality
  • show their prowess in our horseshoe throwing competition, and
  • listen to some stirring bush poetry

The day was a terrific success with local radio personalities and regional Queensland lovers Robin McConchie and Craig Zonca MCing the event.

AgForce has always been staunchly apolitical, which is why we’re calling on all political parties to put aside their petty grievances to stand with us to ensure regional Queensland is able to thrive.

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