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  • More than two thirds of Queensland is in drought – 67.1%.
  • 40% of farmers say the drought has reduced property output to their lowest point ever.
  • Australian farmers are among the least subsidised farmers in the world, receiving just 2% of their income through government agricultural support. This compares to 21% across the EU or 9% in the USA. On the other extreme, Swiss and Norwegian farmers receive around 60% of their income directly from government.
  • Poor personal hygiene and mental health concerns increasing.
Source: OECD, Australian Bureau of Statistics

What's the issue?

Climatic and seasonal variability is an ongoing challenge for Queensland producers and part of their operating environment. Agriculture experiences the most volatility in output of all industry sectors and our agricultural production is amongst the most variable in the OECD.

Why does it matter?

The prolonged and severe drought has taken an enormous financial, environmental and emotional toll on farming families throughout Queensland. Drought also has a multi-billion-dollar impact on farm productivity and profitability.

What's the solution?

Collaborative development of an enduring drought policy that supports farmer efforts to prepare, manage and recover while growing climate resilience in regional communities.

"Our corn is half the size it should be and it’s drought affected, but it’s more than many others have managed. We’ve harvested now, and the corn will be used in cereals and other corn-based products. I feel fortunate though – some people I know haven’t planted in over a year."
grain producer from South East Queensland

Here's how it can be

Empowered people

Primary producers will have better and more reliable access to information, tools and other supports to build their resilience to drought and minimise its impacts on their businesses and their families.

Long-term confidence to industry to plan and invest

Australian agriculture can continue to progressively grow towards its 2030 $100 billion farmgate value target.

Will you stand with regional Queensland?

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