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Democracy can be frustrating, but make sure your vote counts

By AgForce General President Georgie Somerset.

Winston Churchill famously described democracy as ‘the worst form of government, except for all those other ones’.

I get what he means.

Politicians and the games they play are frequently frustrating verging on infuriating to the citizens they are elected to represent.

However, they are a necessary part of the democracy we value. But not as much as we are.

It is by our instruction that pollies sit in Parliament to represent our interests.

And let’s never let them forget who they serve.

In just over two weeks, Queenslanders will get to make one of the most important decisions of 2020 – who will govern our State for the next four years.

As always, this difficult decision is made even harder by the rhetoric, political games, and spin by which the various parties try and get our votes.

So this decision is important – and AgForce is here to help you to make it wisely and easily.

AgForce is privileged to be supported by members – primary producers and community leaders – who give their expertise voluntarily to develop political solutions that support profitable, sensible, and sustainable agriculture.

We have analysed each of the major parties’ policies and rated them according to how we believe they will support our regional communities, the industries like agriculture that underpin them, and the many families who live here.

Our four priority areas are on:

  • People – helping communities thrive
  • Places – boosting the bush
  • Planet – nurturing our natural resources
  • Profit – building sustainable businesses

But our primary focus is helping those who believe in these things as passionately as we do to make their vote truly count.

And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what democracy is all about?


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