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Make an impact

There are plenty of ways you can take part in the conversation and support regional Queensland.

Got a spare five minutes?

Contribute to the campaign

For the cost of a carton of beer, you can help us reach more people. Make a financial contribution to the campaign.

Hit social media

Follow us on social media by searching for @standwithregqld, and please like, share and comment on our social media posts.

Create your own posts and tag your local MP and media in posts explaining the importance of regional Queensland in our state’s future. We’d love to see a photo or video of how you are supporting the campaign. And don’t forget the hashtag! It’s #standwithregqld.

You can also join our Facebook group.

Share something from our design kit

Feel free to download our digital design kit and sharing an image you like from there. The kit includes social media banners in various designs and sizes, plus Zoom backgrounds for your next webinar!

Check out the full design kit (Dropbox folder).

Add our Facebook Frame to your profile photo

Follow the instructions on Facebook to show that you support regional Queensland:

Print a flyer

You can share the message by printing our ‘Your Food. Our Future’ flyer (prints 3 per A4 page) or campaign poster and sharing them around your local community. Encourage local businesses to share the message with their urban community by displaying in shopfronts or at community events.

Round up the crew

Go walkabout

Why not go outback for your next holiday? Airbnb has many fun and affordable options. Otherwise, visiting your local farmers’ markets is a great way to expand your palate and appreciation for great local produce.

Recruit your mates

If you have family or friends who love the bush and are sympathetic to regional issues, please ask them to email, phone or call in to see their local MP to communicate their support.

Keep calm and agvocate

Contact your local MP

Email, phone or better still, call in and see your local MP – they are there to represent you! Let them know you would like them to direct more of their attention to regional issues. Politely explain how a stronger regional Queensland is a worthy investment in our collective future and one they should stand up for. You can find the names and contact details of Queensland MPs at the Queensland Parliament’s website.

Write a letter to the editor

Drop a line to the editor of your local newspaper, calling on your elected representative and/or local candidate to stand up for regional Queensland. It need not be too long (200 words is heaps), use local examples wherever possible, and feel free to drop our name!

Make new connections

Join AgForce Queensland

There’s a huge advantage in numbers and there’s more than 5,500 of us. We regularly meet with politicians, media moguls, fellow industry organisations and other major players on any issues our members need. Check out our new Country Connection membership too.

Reach out  for help

We’re here to listen and assist if you want to contact us, or leave a comment below.


  1. Ron Weller

    We support all the hard work our farmers do. We all rely so heavily on for all our fruit, vegetables, meat and milk etc, etc. So ofcourse we support Agforce .

    • admin

      Thanks for your support, Ron. It’s all just too much to lose if we don’t do anything to improve conditions for regional Queensland communities.

  2. Glenda Flood

    I can’t believe the lack of support from the qld government for our farmers. Also their non action on dams & any other ideas on drought & flood proofing our state.
    The state receives more than enough rain over the years, what are they not doing?
    What will we pay for produce when you can’t provide meat, veg & fruit as the drought takes over?
    Hang in there as most people except the GREENIS support you.

  3. Sharyn

    Well done AgForce!! I only have a small farming enterprise compared to many and also supplement my income from off farm but still I struggle. The expenses are continual, the stock is hungry and the weather isn’t loving us. So it is with gratitude that I say thank you to any and all who assist us in raising the profile of the farmers of Queensland and our current plight.

  4. Ellen

    Thanks Agforce. As someone who has spent most of my life in regional Queensland, I’m keen to support farmers and communities. However the biggest threat to farming in Queensland is climate change, with deeper droughts and harsh flash floods. I see that you support climate action, but are also campaigning against laws that would prevent emissions from land clearing. Can you please help me understand?

    • Michael Guerin

      Hello Ellen. Good question and apologies for not coming back to you begore now. Happy to chat it through and welcome your reflections. My number 0488 002092.

  5. Shane Bonser

    I grew up on the land I worked in mining for a few years it about time we stood up to this Queensland government who are doing there best to destroy the rural industry good on you Agforce

  6. Bob Neale

    Maintain the momentum all AgForce followers and supporters of rational and fair governance. The legislation before parliament is one of the worst forms of targeted intent to render the agricultural industry valueless. The labour governments of this state have never understood the vital importance of agriculture, but this labour government has evil intent. The are only able to deliver such devastating legislation because of the imbalance of power. We have to educate the electorates just how serious this will be to all people of Queensland if it is passed. Labour and Greens must be defeated at the next election or the outcome for agriculture will be worse than that intended by the federal labour force proposed to do to Australia. This is a watershed moment approaching.

  7. Wendy

    To any Farmer relying on Water from a Stock Bore, then read CAREFULLY the wording if you have a need to apply for help under Emergency Water Act. As Australia has graduated towards Intensive or Lot Feed Animals which brings in Billions for the Government, then WHY are these producers exempt from applying for help. Large or small Producer this means of Water supply is Vital and often the ONLY way of accessing Stock Water. To all those bright Tech people grab this and notify your Local Member to push through a Rehash of these Rules.

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