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State Election 2020 Scorecard: Regulation

The LNP has adopted AgForce’s landscape management policy in close to its entirety and have promised a review of the vegetation management regulatory framework, but not gone as far as committing to repealing poor environmental laws. They have indicated support for examining a Natural Capital approach. The LNP have committed to review and overhaul unfair Reef Regulations in a letter to industry organisations. To include legislating minimum standards, respecting property rights and incentivising best practices.

KAP have pledged to consult with AgForce on vegetation and landscape management issues and have supported the AgForce landscape management policy priorities, which includes a review of the regulatory framework. They have a policy of ensuring that private property owners are compensated whenever government enact laws and regulations for the benefit of the public that in any way diminish the value of their property. They have prepared a Bill to repeal and overhaul Reef Protection regulations.

ONP has committed to consulting with the agricultural sector to implement policies that both protect the environment whilst allowing productive use of farmland, including the development of a policy governing the removal of regrowth vegetation. They have not announced an intention to repeal legislation. They have expressed support for AgForce’s landscape management policy priorities and of introducing a Natural Capital marketplace.

The Greens have a standing policy to amend the Vegetation Management Act to protect endangered, near threatened and high conservation value regrowth vegetation and vegetation in riparian and wildlife corridors. They also have a policy to reform the Vegetation Management Act to place greater emphasis on carbon sequestration to encourage deep cuts in greenhouse emissions. No specific announcements on vegetation management have been made during the election at time of writing.

Queensland Labor has a policy to prevent broad-acre clearing and clearing of endangered and threatened ecosystems and essential habitat for threatened species and ecologically sensitive areas. They will ensure adequate resourcing for monitoring and enforcement of existing vegetation management legislation in conjunction with supporting farmers and the agricultural sector with adequate resources to understand and comply with legislation. Labor will not undertake a comprehensive review of the vegetation management regulatory framework. Noting Australia must maintain sustainability to maintain markets, Labor have not committed to winding back Reef Regulations.








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