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State Election 2020 Scorecard: Biosecurity

The LNP has announced a further ten frontline Biosecurity Queensland staff to bolster the state’s biosecurity response. An elected LNP Government will also work closely with AgForce and industry to further investigate solutions such as an annual biosecurity stock take and more responsive and efficient Biosecurity Queensland. This will include reviewing the effectiveness of good neighbour policy between protected area estate and neighbours. The LNP also supports implementing the Queensland Parliamentary inquiry recommendations about the impacts of invasive weeds.

KAP recognises the importance of biosecurity as an element of their regionalisation policy, the current low levels of expenditure and support restoring biosecurity and extension officers. They support education programs to grow biosecurity awareness, such as around Navua Sedge. They would also unlock funding for feral pig control and prickly acacia and government incentives for its control such as through land rents. They would also address underfunding of biosecurity in National Parks, particularly of on-ground operational staff, and review Parks good neighbour policy.

Queensland Labor have announced $60 million to expand the protected area estate and importantly to fund more Indigenous Rangers but have not been making specific announcements on funding of biosecurity management on state land. They also have a policy to assist Local Government to control invasive agricultural and primary industry pests. Minister Furner stated at our Politics in the Pub event they will push for adequate biosecurity funding. In a late announcement, an additional $4 million is committed for wild dog cluster fencing and activities to assist the sheep industry, along with $1.4 million to help relevant organisations prepare for future biosecurity challenges.

The Greens and ONP (who have noted the need for biosecurity education) have not yet announced specific policies to improve biosecurity within broadacre agriculture in the state.








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